Harvest Shmarvist

You know how you go on vacation and get behind for a few days, then catching up just seems too hard so you focus on other things, and you never get around to catching up on your regular activities? Such as posting on this blog and following others' blogs on a semiregular basis?


Well... So I never mentioned the potato I got at the organic market and forgot about for a long, long time in a bag somewhere. It formed eyes, so I was like "Hm." and planted it in the planter box. After a week or two, it sent up dozens of shoots. They got about a foot and a half tall before finally succumbing to the spider mites and under(!)watering. I am currently looking at relocating, and I would find it difficult to do so with so many plants, so I have been maybe less attentive (I'm waiting for the big ones, like the tomatoes, to die), but I have also been on a cleaning binge. So, when the potato shoots keeled over, I thought "Eh, I'll dig it up and feed it to the worms." (The worms are doing excellently, thank you!)

To my surprise (although I guess I should not have been), I found tiny little potatoes as I dug the plant up! Not many, not really anything to call a harvest, but they'll make a nice home-fry thing with eggs soon. Also, one of the two peppers that didn't fall off the plant immediately fell off the plant, so I'll add that to the potatoes for breakfast. The "large" one is still on the plant, and I'm hoping it'll ripen. I'm almost certain the variety is "King of the North."

So, I am happy to have grown things in my apartment. I repeat the sentiment that I know I have shared before--I need to do more studyin' on what is amenable to growing indoors. Oh. And I need to kill the spider mites.

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5 Responses to Harvest Shmarvist

  1. Of all the things to grow in your apartment... potatoes! Congratulations, that is certainly an accomplishment considering the odds - wish you luck with your mites, those and the darn gnats are always the big problem indoors!

  2. Thats amazing with the potatoes. My potatoes in the bucket didn't do so well. They produced great foliage but never produced any reasonable amount of potatoes. I dont know what happened, maybe its my wifes fault. But good job man thats awesome!!

  3. I'm very impressed. I would not have guessed potatoes would do that well.

    Nice to meet you last night!

  4. I can't believe you grew that many potatoes in your apartment! Nice to meet you last night. Thanks for the soupergirl tip.

  5. surprise potatoes = triumph! I bet you're gonna enjoy the hell outta that homefry. Nice to meet you Weds!


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