Crocus Surprise

That sounds like a bad cafeteria special, doesn't it?

I planted dozens and dozens of Crocus, Scilla siberica, random Tulipa, a Fritillaria, a few different Iris, et cetera. I expected some stuff (the Irises, the Hemerocallis ["Dominic" daylily], others) to grow leaves and then die back for the winter. I did not expect anything to flower. But some of the crocuses decided to go for it! (By the way, after a social-bookmarking presentation during my staff meeting last week, I joined Twitter and twittered about the Crocuses on Saturday.)

I first noticed these on Saturday when I stopped by to clean up my Datura. I didn't get a photograph until yesterday when I stopped by after the market. Saturday was torrential, so they're a bit flattened, but still happiness-inducing.

Here's the spread after buckets of rain dropped down on them the lot of 'em. Also included there are some Irises, ornamental sweet potato, and purple Verbena.

Here's a closeup. I can't recall which variety these were--I didn't order any white ones. There seems to be hints of purple (several different varieties of which I did order). They are, by the way, the same variety (I think they are these) as the Crocus in my apartment.

I know there are some fall-blooming crocuses, so I guess these are they. I didn't think I had ordered any, but I have an empty bag that says I did, and the website says they're fall-blooming. Maybe they were one of the "free gifts" these bulb companies always seem to want to supply me with?

I'm not complaining, not at all.

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One Response to Crocus Surprise

  1. It's always the freebies that thrive and the ordered ones that disappear without a trace.


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