Survival Not Guaranteed

Remember when I bought this brown rabbit's foot fern, Davallia trichomanoides, I said "I can see huge potential for death and mayhem in our future."?

Psychic have I proven to be.

I am almost certain it's a problem of overwatering. I bought this and left for my hike pretty soon afterward, and I was overattentive before leaving--it was still moist upon my return, because I watered everything pretty well the day before I left. The tag says to let it dry out before watering... I am really not good at letting plants do that. So, then this happens, and all the leaves fall off, like what happened to those rhizomatous Begonias that I separated (although, in that case, there was clearly other stuff going on, too).

But, on both counts, at least I have signs of recovery! In this pot is an offset South African squill, Scilla violaceae (those offsets are making their way everywhere as I pull them off the larger plants); a rhizomatous Begonia; and a small section from the rhizome of the brown rabbit's foot fern. The Begonia, you can see, has a leaf and a few more on the way! It has taken a long time, but they're finally coming back from the trauma I exposed them to--not only being roughly separated, but also overwatering issues.

The rabbit's foot is also showing signs of life--despite the mother plant not being happy with me, this little rhizome bit is growing new leaves! Maybe I'll just take a lot of rhizome bits and stick 'em in this pot to remake what I had destroyed. It seems strange that I can successfully propagate (once, at least) something that I can't seem to keep alive as an adult plant.

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