Super-Size My Squash

I'm about to leave for a few days on a hike through West Virginia and Virginia, but I don't want anyone to feel lost! So I am putting up this picture of the trombetta squash from outside of Mr. Yogato--this one is even larger than the last! After I picked it, I walked to the bus a few blocks away and heard "Whoa, what is that?" and "Honey, look at that huge squash!" and "Daaaaammmmnn!" I felt like a hooker from the '80s.

On the bus, I met a few nice people who were commenting on my almost-four-foot-long squash ("Is it real? You grew it yourself?! Where??"). A child even followed me from the street into my building asking me about plants.

It was kind of ridiculous. I loved it. Walking around the city with a four-foot squash is not something people do right after work. Most people see vegetables that are meant to fit in plastic shopping bags--and they are meant to be in those bags, not out in plain view. But the shopping bag was full of a foot-wide sunflower head (I clipped Titan's head off to hang to dry), so there was no room for trombetta. People's reactions amazed me and made me, well, really happy. Maybe those few kids, or even their parents, who saw my squash will think "Oh. I can do that." and they will. Get 'em while they're young!

Oh. Then I peeled and chopped it all up (took an incredibly amount of time), boiled it, and turned it into a mystery "Apple" crumble that I took in to work. People liked it, so I was happy. My mantra: put enough cinnamon and sugar in it and anything can taste good!

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4 Responses to Super-Size My Squash

  1. Too funny! You should start wearing a "helmet cam" of sorts, or perhaps a vegetable cam so we could hear passersby, lol! Have fun on your hike, looks to be a gorgeous weekend to get out into nature!

  2. Kenneth- thats freakin amazing! how do they taste?

  3. Amazing to hear this story. Im sure you would treasure this moment of success for a long time. (longer since its in the blog)

  4. Joined the Foreign legion?
    Or run out of cinnamon?


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