More On The Away Days

I took pictures during my hike, of course. I didn't pull a Sanford, although now I almost wish I had. It would have been more exciting.

Here's a cow. She's not terribly exciting. But she's much less unfriendly than the ones I ran into in Belgium, who, I think, wanted to headbutt me and get me out of their field while I was trying to find some concert during a farm festival in Bellingen (oddly enough for the band named Milk Inc.). There was rain and hitchhiking involved afterward. This trip was not completely dissimilar in that regard (just without the rain and the hitchhiking and the music).

Yeah, because this is exactly the festival I want to be attending! ::snorts:: I'd rather minimize my exposure to noroviruses, thank you very much!

Side-note to those who are interested, there was a total fun Norwalk "outbreak" in the Maritimes while I went to school there. I blame the media hype--people get diarrhea all the time, big whoop, it's nothing special, but they chose to focus on it at that time, and there were actual lab-confirmed cases, so it was a Big Deal (tm). I helped spread the media coverage, so I blame me, too, but I blame me a lot less than I blame real news outlets.

There's just something about beaming sunshine on Datura blooms that gets me all worked up. They're so beautiful!

Pit bulls are such begging babies. "OMG please? Food?! See how nice we are? Don't we deserve that treat you have in your hand?" Doesn't matter that it was just a piece of English muffin (I think? Actually, I don't recall. It might have been anything.), but if the humans were eating it, then by the gods the dogs wanted it. Pictured here is seven-year-old Puppy, my pit bull (I call him mine, but he lives with my mom in Winchester--he's really hers, but I'm his best buddy), on the left, and Remi, my sister's pit bull, on the right. My sister's arm and what I assume are some other body parts of hers are also pictured here.

The Wal-Mart Caladium I bought and planted for my mother on Memorial Day aren't exactly lush. They came up, at least, and my mom was a fan, so that's all that matters. The Vinca was preexisting. (I figured I should include something plant-related, this being a gardening blog and all, y'know?)

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