I'm Not Dead Yet!

Yes, I appologize to all (one) of you who was clamoring to know whether I was alive or not. I have been incredibusy since my return, and I hadn't set up any autoposts. I do, however, have quite a few on the way, if I get around to them. It turns out that the end of summer is a wicked-packed time with lots of volunteering, hanging out, birthdays, et cetera. My garden is, thankfully, chugging along--I might have a tomato set on Ace. He has been in bloom for a few weeks (determinate my ass!), and although I have been vibrating him dutifully, a lot of the flowers just wither up and fall off, as is their wont in my little plant dungeon of death. But I think I see a few determined to stick around, just like the couple of cherry tomatoes! I have a few green peppers, too, on the way--I think it's "King of the North," but I won't be sure until they get bigger. The edamame and kidney beans are alright, and I decided to try the chickpeas again--they seem to enjoy the cooler weather now. Cherokee is still being a big pouter, refusing to put out for me until I make up for what I did. But I don't know what I did. He says if I don't know, he's not going to tell me. So I'm just like "Fine, whatever, sit there and mope for all I care!" So he does. At least Ace likes my attention!

Tomato love triangles aside, my hike was pretty awesome, and will be even more awesome when I actually complete the entire thing (route can be found here). I took the MARC train from DC to Martinsburg, West Virginia, on a Friday night, slept in a hotel, and left around 5:45 AM on Saturday. I was planning on getting to my mom's apartment in Winchester, Virginia, at 3 or 4 PM on Sunday (the route doesn't show where she lives, just what Google considers to be Winchester). I don't think it was impossible--47 miles in 2 days. No biggie. And I was stopping every so often at places with food and water, so I didn't have to carry as much on my person.

I didn't count on the bag I had being so bad, however. I'm not a practiced hiker, nor was my bag a hiking bag. My legs were fine, but my shoulders and nipples were taking a beating. My nipples almost started bleeding because the bag pulled my shirt tight against them, and there was constant rubbage--bandaids took care of that. The bag, however, could not be fixed. It didn't distribute weight well, and my shoulders were not used to carrying weight in such a way.

So, I walked through Boyd's Gap in some sort of mountain ridge (dogs barking all the while, cars careening up and down the pike, and me peeing on a rock at one point). The above picture was the scenery along Tuscarora Pike while I was climbing/descending the ridge. I made about 15 miles--I got to my first checkpoint a little after 11. (It says it's 14 miles, but I got turned around in Martinsburg for a bit, so I add a mile.) About three miles per hour, but I also stopped a couple times (breakfast sandwich and coffee, pee break, water breaks, et cetera--I'm high-maintenance). For my first "hike," even though it was along roads and such, I think that's cool.

But anyway, once I made it to Shanghai Grocery a little after 11, I caved and called my mom to come pick me up. I was so bored. No entertainment other than wiping sweat off my face and looking at plants. I'm too ADD. I didn't even bring my MP3 player, because I thought that it would be unnecessary weight and encumbrance.

My mom showed up with my sister, who just moved into town near my mom. They had an adventure of their own--it took them almost three hours to find me! When they picked me up, we went to Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, to hang with my mom's friend. It's a nice little town, but I have lived in a tourist town before. "Those folks" can be annoying, y'know? Alright, yes, I was one of them on that day. But I was looking at "for rent" signs... Yes, crazy I am, what with the two-hour-each-way commute and the not-being-in-DC-on-weekends problem. But I miss living in a small town.

I just have to get the out-of-the-way feeling while still living in DC. I'm planning to explore Rock Creek Park, finally, this Sunday. If you don't hear from me for another week or two, it's because I met the same fate as Chandra Levy.

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2 Responses to I'm Not Dead Yet!

  1. I'm less concerned about you ending up like Chandra Levy and more concerned you'll end up like Mark Sanford: these trails are in the Appalachians, are they not?

  2. Oh geez, everyone joked about that at work... LoL, yes, most of that was in the Appalachians. I never made it that far, however, and I have no one to have an affair on or with. So I'm golden. :-D

    I wish I could use taxpayer dollars to go to a hot and heavy love retreat. Le sigh!


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