Barton The Beast

Hm, I feel like Swimray scooped me on passionate purple plants, but at least they're completely different ones!

Back in early April, I purchased Barton, my about-one-foot-tall Gynura aurantiaca. He has quietly been thriving in the window, growing behind the blinds and up against the screen. To be honest, I don't notice him much--I water him when it's time to water him, but the blinds, well, blind me to his presence.

I had to move him because I was closing the window (it got cold one night and I was freezing), and I was almost in shock at how tall he had grown, despite having clipped him back a few times to root the cuttings. I didn't measure him, but he's clearly four to five feet tall. You can see at the bottom he has lost leaves--I need to pay more attention to his watering schedule. In the middle of the area where he has leaves, the leaves are fairly small--that might have coincided with the period of less watering after my purchase of the moisture probe. I have since gotten out of the habit of using that, so Barton gets a bit more water, and his leaves are larger. Another hypothesis may be the decreased humidity and increased temperatures around the same time, or maybe all of the above. But his leavse are larger now, and it looks like he has one of those much-sought-after pinched waists. I should buy him a corset and a ball gown so he can go out on the town.

I think I'm going to chop him up and make babies. He has a couple shoots coming up from around the soil line, so he'll look fine in a few months, but he's just so ridiculously top-heavy at the moment! Any locals want a cutting?

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