Datura's At It Again

Huh. It seems I didn't mention my indoor Datura at all. Ever. I don't even have pictures of it, except for a tiny bit of a leaf in the background.

Well, that's all about to change right now!

At the same time I took cuttings of the recently mentioned Alternanthera dentata and Ipomoea batatas from the Mr. Yogato garden, I took Datura and Verbena cuttings. The Verbena died ignominiously. The Datura, however, trucked along, as is its wont. And now, it is flowering. In my window. Heck yeah!

I haven't found any indication that this is regularly grown indoors--it is, however, commonly used a a landscape plant here in DC. (Side note: The only reference I could find of anyone growing Datura indoors pretty much year-round is from a druggie here. Experimenting with Datura is, in my opinion, idiotic. I in no way encourage anyone to try. But the guy here mentions that his Datura was particularly prone to spider mites--gah, will I never escape their webby grasp?)

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3 Responses to Datura's At It Again

  1. WCW told me the same thing, about spider mites and Datura. Brugmansia too. But that doesn't necessarily make spider mites inevitable, either.

  2. Not inevitable, no... But my entire garden is pretty much a spider mite playground right now. The hygrometer says the humidity is insane, but the spider mites say "We don't care!"

    Le sigh.

  3. I tried growing datura indoor once, and as you report, it was attacked by spider mites and died.

    It is however a common landscaping plant in the Midwest.



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