Adventure On The Beach

Over the weekend, I went to Edgewater, near Annapolis, on the Chesapeake Bay. My friends were stung with sea nettles--I mostly stayed out of the water (I know what's in there, I don't go in above my knees).

But it was a beautiful day, and I haven't been in anything resembling seawater in... Gosh, years. Since the Mediterranean (which is, holy heck, awesome, but it does crazy things to my hair). I hadn't realized how much I ached for it until I found myself grinning like a fool riding down 50 East. I miss living in Maryland. I miss living in the country. I miss owning a vehicle and having fun on a whim. No matter the amount of green space and community gardens in a city, it's not the country and never will be. I had a beautiful day, truly, and I treasure it.

The day was incredible, but the beach had a few unlucky souls scattered around.

Determined not to let death steal my fun, I made a sand cupcake, complete with dried grass and feather topping.

I found a horseshoe crab tail in the sand near the blanket--only the pure can touch me, I'm a unicorn!

Ride down almost any highway in Maryland and this is what will surround you. A wall of trees, shrubs, vines, a dense canopy, the beautiful sun shining through wisps of clouds, with the wind whipping through the car cooling off the heat of the day. Maybe I was just dehydrated because all I had had that day was coffee, but it was a bit of a dreamy drive for me.

Pictures from when I was looking for a second horseshoe crab tail are also featured on a photographer's Flickr photostream.

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2 Responses to Adventure On The Beach

  1. The trip sounds wonderful! I live at the beach, but it's city here, and when I get in the car and head south to Cape Hatteras, that's how I feel, and can't wait to leave the city behind!

  2. It must be very refreshing to experience the sea. And a nice sand cupcake (cute)

    Ahhhh.. very mystical of you being a unicorn and all. Truly as you mentioned it, from the pure hearted sprouted many flowers, plants of plenty!



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