Sugar Snap Pea Gets Its Act Together

I don't know when I planted these... Months ago? It seems that everyone else has been harvesting sugar snap peas like crazy for weeks, but mine have only just started getting ready to go into my mouth.

Last week, I removed a lot of the pea plants--I only have two left, because they were the two flowering ones. The other ones were climbing near/in the tomatoes, and the peas were the ones harboring and spreading all the spider mites. I have been misting frequently, and the population seems to be declining, but gosh darnit, I hate bugs! My nasturtium are also infested (like, duh, no wonder a lot of the leaves started getting necrotic spots and getting all chlorotic), so I put the planter of nasturtium and chard in the bathtub today to keep it away from my lemon geranium and spearmint. I'll take care of the bugs later and replant the nasturtium elsewhere.

These snap peas better be worth it! These are the only two I have at the moment, maybe more will come as the vine climbs up the string in the window.

On a positive note, the fungus gnat population is decreasing, because I now test the moisture level before watering willy-nilly. I also haven't noticed any new potato leafhoppers. Here's hoping for the best!

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4 Responses to Sugar Snap Pea Gets Its Act Together

  1. I may be smiling on seeing those snaps blown up into Green Giant food, but I really am very impressed at your achievement. Much more exciting than me growing pelargoniums inside.
    Bon appetit!

  2. I keep my fingers crossed for you. And you remind me of misting - haven't done it for weeks :( . I think I'll start running around with my spraying can again, because it does make a difference.

  3. Ooo! That looks tasty! My peas are all done. It's too hot outside. I'll be so jealous if your plants can continue to produce indoors!

  4. Auntie Jo, I am glad you are excited about my profusement of snap peas. But some Pelargoniums can be fun, too--P. crispum, lemon geranium, for one! I like it in tea, maybe as a garnish for lemon-based stirfries.

    Rosengeranium, I didn't have to worry much about misting before I got the moisture probe--I used to overwater so much that spider mites had few options. But now I'm watering less, so the humidity in my apartment is down to normal human comfort levels, and the bugs are taking off. I need to keep misting--I just bought an Episcia, which apparently likes getting misted once or twice a day, so maybe that will help me keep on it. (Although I might be getting confused with the Nematanthus. I'll double check.)

    Erin, see, that's what I'm talking about! It's so weird that mine only just now started producing when everyone else's are done, but my dried beans are already finished when everyone else's are just podding (if that), despite having planted the peas and beans at the same time. Ah well. One of those vagaries of indoor gardening.



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