Spider Pals

I have flies. (That doesn't have the same oomph as "I have worms" did when I first got my little red wigglers.)

I don't have fungus gnats anymore, which is wonderful. But these are houseflies--they move around, and they buzz. At least the fungus gnats stayed pretty localized and quiet! I overfed the worms almost a month back, and since then I have been dealing with tiny, medium, and giant houseflies.

I have killed most of the large ones--I'm working on the medium ones right now. I have even enlisted the help of my little buddy, Mr. Spider, who came to me with the Maranta prayer plant. He relocated to his own pot, which was empty after I transplanted... Um... I don't really know. I moved something into something else and/or something died. Maybe something died.

Anyway, the spider found a new home, built a nice web, and now I use it as a fly-catching device. I picked up the pot; I stunned a fly, which fell into the web; and my new best friend started attacking the fly, trying to wrap it up in webbing so it could later eat it.

I like spiders. I love that this one has chosen an easily removable location to be its home. And I love that it is eating my flies.

I don't know how well you'll be able to see this--not only is it small in Blogger, but it was blurry to begin with. But, the spider is, I think, trying to subdue the gargantuan fly, the fly fights back, and then the spider is like "Ha! You're mine!" and wins the skirmish.

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3 Responses to Spider Pals

  1. Heh, better than most tv-shows I've seen! I don't know if I've ever told you about the tame spider I had on the balcony two years ago? It grew fat indeed, and built itself a house weaving together some leaves from the rosebush. I was fascinated, but my son's goodmother (one of my best friends) turned to the safe indoors once I mentioned it - that's how I learned that she's a tad arachnophobiac :S

  2. I was surprised to see the size of the spider, When I saw it first, I thought that was the spider....

    Flies, really nuisance. They come when they sense something is rotting or spoilt. So, do check around and see becoz something is attracting them.

  3. I am glad that you enjoyed the show, Rose! I too used to have a giant outdoor pet spider whom I called Spot. He kept the Mormons away from me.

    This one, however, is tiny! Most of the flies are larger than it--and, James, I did overfeed the worms. That is where I have assumed the flies came from, because I do not have any other rotting food material around.

    I think I have decided that the worms are too much trouble than they're worth... It is a shame, but I can't keep up with them, and I get too many mites and flies. I don't need another source of bugs in my apartment, I do just fine as it is.



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