Moonflower, En Masse

As promised, the Datura blooms are pretty much all opening at the same time! I am not certain why the photo is blurry, because there was flash and everything, but it's the best of the bunch that I took last night--that just means y'all have to come out and see the plant for yourselves! The flowers will only stay around another two nights or so, and then they'll fall off, to be replaced by the next wave, and the next, and the next. I already need to prune this guy again. I am enamored of Datura!

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2 Responses to Moonflower, En Masse

  1. Oh that looks lovely! Hmmm... I've got to find some datura too. I know just the spot for it in my garden. Thanks for pointing me in the datura direction :)

  2. Sunita, I am glad you enjoy it! They are quite enjoyable flowers, and I have been told they like copious amounts of water.

    But, do be warned--each flower is followed by a fruit that gets spikey and hurts (when it scratches me, I get a bit itchy, too). After a month or so, they'll dry out and pop, spraying seed all over the ground. They are also poisonous, so don't eat any!

    If you can avoid tasting them, I think they are wonderful additions to gardens, as small shrubs and a nice centerpiece surrounded by smaller plants.



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