Effulgent Flowers (Part 4)

I swear, I will stop carrying my camera around for a while. This is the fourth and final in this week's series of posts. These are pictures from around DC in the past few weeks.

This flower is in a yard only a block or two away from my apartment. The yard is surprisingly full and beautiful, but this was the best flower, in my opinion. It was nice to see such a yard in an area that doesn't boast much in the way of landscaping.

This is my lemon basil, flowering in my planter box! I need to use it up before it gets worse. The flavour is already getting off, but the flowers are pretty, so I'm torn.

This flower looks like a peach! I want to go buy some peaches and make a pie. I made a blueberry pie the other night, and it was wonderful.

What is this, a double-flowered zinnia? Awesome!

I have come to love Hibiscus. Giant flowers, giant plants, such awesome colours... I can't wait to have a yard!

Well, maybe I don't need a yard. This is the "Evening Sun" sunflower at Mr. Yogato. Before someone ripped most of the plant and its neighbour out of the ground.

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One Response to Effulgent Flowers (Part 4)

  1. Brutal vandalism. I am sooo sorry. Such a gorgeous colour.

    BTW, can you show us a picture of that wall behind there, with all that greenery. Are they vines like virginia creeper?

    And that double-headed zinnia.That looks like another case of fasciation. I would love to know what the stem looks like: that could give us a clue. You are lucky to have so much growing round you. Who needs a garden?

    Not being a veggie person, I have enjoyed your flower show.



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