Effulgent Flowers (Part 3)

This is part 3 of my recent flower overload. I originally said there would be two parts--I hope you are eagerly awaiting the fourth installment this weekend! I have to stop carrying my camera around, clearly.

I went to New York City for the first time ever on 5 July. I went without a plan and with no idea of anything that exists there (beyond some of the names of places); luckily, my friends had maps and wanted to visit specific places. It was only a 13-hour trip (sans commute by bus), and beyond having to verbally harass the Chinatown bus company manager to let us on the bus when the guy behind the glass wouldn't accept our tickets that we had purchased online the day before, calling the cops, and making a general ruckus, it was an awesome trip. I have more pictures of plant life than I do of my friends, but that's alright!

This is my favourite photo-of-a-building. I took it a few minutes after we got off the bus (at 7:30 AM)--the glass building reflects the blue of the sky, and at the right angle, it looks like it disappears just a few floors up--but it was easily a 30- to 40-story building.

All the cannas in DC garden-company-managed planters seem to be the red-leaf variety. In New York, they had green leaves. I think I like the DC ones better (having a tiny red-leafed one on my windowsill)--since the flowers don't do too much for aesthetics, the leaves have to make the statement. I haven't seen many flowering cannas here in DC, but the New York ones were all these orange and yellow tiger-y flowers.

I want this blue flower so bad. I think it's ridiculously beautiful, and all of them bunched together in spikes makes them look amazing. This was outside of... Um... Some famous library in New York?

The blue flowers were in the same planter as these pink ones. I think it was my favourite planter, but I don't have a picture of the whole--it had a few edibles in it (sage, mint), some Caladium, and other things I couldn't identify. The awesome pink flowers next to the vibrant blue ones made a wonderful contrast!

These Elephant Ears (Colocasia, right?) were in Times Square, right across from the Toys R Us. I hadn't noticed any in DC until after I returned from New York--I adore gigantic leaves! I want to grow one in my apartment, but I'm not quite that crazy.

These little yellow and white flowers were alongside the path around the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in Central Park. I thought there were a lot of runners and joggers in DC--whoa, New York, slow down!

Also in Central Park, southwest of the Great Lawn, was this bush with a profusement of tiny pink flowers that had copious amounts of anthers utterly coated with pollen. I spent literally five minutes trying to get my camera to focus on one of these flowers; my friends got bored and started walking ahead, so I'm glad I finally got one.

My signature picture-of-the-sun-shot-through-something-that-is-partially-blocking-it. This was while laying on the Great Lawn, taking a break from all the walking and dashing about. Then, skywriters went overhead advertising some website, but the top plane ran out of cloudstuff, so the letters were a bit off.

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3 Responses to Effulgent Flowers (Part 3)

  1. I agree about cannas - the flowers are not that spectacular. The Pretoria variety I grow have green & yellow zebra stripe leaves.

  2. Me to crave that blue.
    Salvia of sorts? Dunno.
    Nice to see metropolis flowers. Did you go and see that crazy Oudolf prairie imitation near battle castle or somesuch place? Where the helicopters used to land coming from Kennedy airport to La Guardia? I did that once on a trip from Europe to upstate NY. Wonderful for a first view of NYC. Do they still do that way of airport transfer?

  3. P.S.
    I had to look up the word 'effulgent'. Nice one. On the way there I came across the words 'espial' and 'eidolon'.(probably a nylon eiderdown? Not.)



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