Damn Deer

When you think of gardening in Washington, DC, you might think about high lead levels in the soil, because it's a city, and the water, because we're special and use crazy lead pipes, but you wouldn't really think of having to protect your garden from deer, would you?

Even nonedible gardens aren't safe from the browsing herbivores. I was walking home last night from a friend's apartment in Glover Park, and I decided to walk around the Naval Observatory (what that really means is that I had never walked this way before and I took an unintentional detour, but it was pretty, so I didn't mind). I turned up a street that would get me on my way after the detour, and I saw this doe standing in someone's front yard, eating the ivy (or Virginia creeper, I wasn't close enough at that point to see which of the two she was eating) and ornamental grasses.

I got within about a foot and a half the last time before I decided to leave her alone. She wasn't freaking out or anything, but she just didn't want to be that close to me.

What's almost funnier, to me, than running into deer in the middle of the city is that Amelia over at Gradually Greener had posted, in the time while I was walking through the area and encountering this hungry lady, about deer in Glover Park. I always forget that a forest runs through the middle of DC, even though I basically live in it.

As much as I have to fight a few insect pests inside my apartment, I am glad I don't have to worry about animals eating my plants. Right now, I don't think I could kill an animal; I don't have a reason to--but if they ate my plants, it would be ON!

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2 Responses to Damn Deer

  1. Wow, I can't believe she let you get that close! I only got within maybe 20 feet of the yearling at the Glover Park garden. They're so beautiful. But yes, I think I'd be less charitable if they ate all my plants.

  2. My lot eat nothing but rosebuds. They ate all of them last spring 2008, so this year I fenced them out.
    What a very clear picture you managed to take in the dark. No red-eye either.



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