Small Wonders

I am completely exhausted. You know those big construction trash things that sit on the street until they're full of wood, cardboard, coffee cups, and random bags of trash? Yesterday, the recycling volunteers helped fill up an entire bin at the DC Pride Festival (click for pic). I've been working on the committee to get all the supplies, advertising, trying (unsuccessfully) to get funding--but really, all you need are bins, bags, and wo/manpower.

And that's a whole heck of a lot of recycling.

That's also why I'm exhausted, and sore, and a little irritated. I'd never go to an event with 250,000 other people unless I'm somehow, even just a little bit, involved in running it.

But! That's not gardenews. I have so many things: plant updates, pretty pictures, street gardens full of edibles in the DC area.

But for my 100th blog post, I want to go for small wonders, inspirational stories, the reasons why gardening and plants are so important and exciting to me.

Despite the doubts of some (you know who you are), strawberries seem to grow just fine from seed--see this little guy? I sowed him in the same two-liter bottle bottom with some hot peppers. This is clearly not a hot pepper seedling (which is on the right). I'm excited to see how well it does!

The marigolds I bought for the Mr. Yogato window planter... Well, they're hunkering down. They each had a little flower on them when I purchased them, and since then they've popped up new ones here and there. The old ones, of course, fall off or get pinched off by me, ending up in the dirt. When I stopped by the other day, I noticed what was going on in this picture--an old flower had dropped into the planter, and the seeds had germinated, growing through the dried flowerhead. So I grabbed a few other old flowers and scattered the seeds around--I want full beds next year!

I had planted a few cloves of garlic maybe a week or two ago, and on Saturday, I noticed them popping right out of the ground! Not having planned where I put them, I forgot where they were--some are growing up right next to random navy beans that I put in, and another is right next to a plastic bottle that I'm using as a germination station. Still, exciting!

I couldn't not buy these. Yesterday, during my afternoon break from volunteering, I wandered over to the Garden District (of course). The outdoor store had bulbs, 50% off. It's a bit late in the season, but I got three calla lily bulbs and a bag of three orangish lilies. I think. Calla lilies are pretty and their bulbs can probably be stored until next spring, so they seemed to be a good buy. The bagged lilies were so optimistic and powerful, growing and flowering without being in the ground and without sunlight! This, more than anything, shows to me the true strength and potential of plants. Hopefully they'll get some chlorophyll and be well this summer, and next year, they'll get planted on time!

So I planted them immediately in the old strawberry pot. I planted one calla lily bulb as well, but in what I call the squash pot, despite the lack of squash. The other two calla lily bulbs I'm saving for next year--Mr. Yogato, or somewhere else? Time will tell!

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4 Responses to Small Wonders

  1. Congrats with the Century!!!

    And, you are going in for flowers as well now. Even better.

    I share your interest in the clown aspect of plants: how they grow against all adversity, like your bulbs in the bag.

    Now you have me worrying about there not being enough room left for the strawberries in their pot, with that lily taking up space. I do worry so.
    jo who knows who she is ;-)

  2. I saw the moonflower the other day, btw! Very cool. And very appropriate for the location, given its resemblance to a swirl of frozen yogurt.

  3. Oh Jo, I still call it the strawberry pot, but all the strawberries died weeks ago (some sort of fungus that I haven't had the heart to look up). It has been the azuki pot for a while, but now it's the azuki/lily/pumpkin pot. We'll see what it is in a few weeks. The strawberry plant I'm growing right now will have to be in another pot... I have to buy more pots. Geez.

    Amelia, glad you saw them! It goes through periods when there are no blooms, but I think for the next week or so at least, it should have two or three every night. I'm very pleased with that plant in particular--it is getting so large!

  4. Congrats on the 100 post mark. I've got a few strawberry seedlings that have done squat all spring. From now on I will only buy full grown plants. :0)



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