Om Nom Nom Nom

I like squirrels. And other things, of course. But this particular squirrel was nigh fearless--it was sitting there, eating, watching me walk by, and didn't freak out until two girls walked up behind me as I was taking this video. The girls thought I was taking exterior photos of the apartment, maybe I was moving in? But nope, I just like squirrels.

I do have other interests, you know. Like pretzels. And cooking pretzels. I generally followed this recipe on, but basically, making pretzels is just like making pizza dough with a little bit of sugar thrown in. Dunk 'em in baking soda/water, sprinkle salt, and bake. Easy as pie! A lot of which I have also been baking lately, what with all the rhubarb running around.

And just for kicks, here's a full shot of the Mr. Yogato Garden from a few days ago. It's getting very full and happy, and in two or so weeks, the sunflowers will likely have bloomed. Oh yeah! The gladioluses are also coming along nicely, and the rhubarb is going wicked-crazy.

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2 Responses to Om Nom Nom Nom

  1. wow.. nice video of the squirrel. It really appeared relaxed while you took the shot.

  2. OMG me want pretzel. LOVE the title of the post!



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