More Leafhoppers

I have to admit, I think these guys are cute, in an annoying get-off-my-plants-you-creeps sort of way.

These were on my sunflowers outside of Mr. Yogato. I didn't bug them (heh!), but they did upset me. The plants are still doing excellently without my interference, so I'll just let Nature do her thing.

There were a lot more potato leafhoppers than these vibrantly coloured ones, but I left those alone as well. I'm pretty certain I saw a squash vine borer, too, on my Italian squash. I might have to go crazy, but I'll stop by again after reading up on them in Garden Insects of North America.

I do also remove any signs of leaf miners, just because it's easy and I don't want them to mess up the aesthetics. I gave a tour of the garden today to some Mr. Yogato visitors who commented approvingly about the wonderful growth while I was trimming the Datura to try and help the Leyland cyprus get some more light. It's nice to be noticed!

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One Response to More Leafhoppers

  1. Funny you mention the sunflowers...I plant sunflowers because it lures the leafhoppers away from my tomato beds! (course they're pretty, too!) Haven't seen any yet this year, but the Japanese Beetles have arrived with a vengeance on my grapes.



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