Bug Bonanza

I swear I have non-bug-related posts coming up.

While walking by Mr. Yogato today, I couldn't help but get to weeding and tending the garden. The "waste" sunflowers had to be moved because they were starting to block the "Open" sign. I didn't want to toss them (as I had originally intended) because they still grew strong through adversity, so I transplanted them to next to the rhubarb that I put in last weekend.

That's when I noticed it. On the Datura. Leaf miners.

This is the one that caught my attention.

But this one had more buggers in it.

So I'll keep my eye out for them. I saw some on the sunflowers as well.

Despite leaf miners and some other insect pests (which I didn't worry about much), the sunflowers are doing amazingly well.

This is outdoors, yes. And I don't know enough about insect pests to monitor my garden extremely well. But I know I don't want to create an attractive place for leaf miners to come and stay for years to come. If I see 'em, I'll remove that part of the leaf (or the whole leaf). I don't know if they're in any other plant, but I only noticed them in the sunflowers and moonflower. Apparently that can help identify what type of leaf miner's in the garden, but I don't care much. They may not kill the plants this year, but if they come to adulthood or overwinter as larvae, who knows what'll happen?

Oh, yeah--sucks to be this hosta! (It's not mine, I just noticed this heavily infested inflorescence while waiting for a friend to go with me to get some frozen yogurt the other day.)

I think I saw three distinct pests--the ants are easy, but I think there are brown aphids and grey aphids (maybe just younger brown aphids, I don't know). It was only on this one set of flowers, the rest were fine. I wonder what the reason for that is?

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2 Responses to Bug Bonanza

  1. Kenneth, its been awhile since I have checked the site. Nice look very inviting! I have seen the presence of leaf miners and never knew what they were. I dont think I have any on my plants. But you never know. I did see alot of ants like the one you have pictured, on my grape vines and there were aphids and there were also lady bugs 'YES!!!" so I hope my benefical bugs eat all those suckers. The lady always tells me that the presence of bugs is good sign because they know where the good food is at. That may be true but I don't like the bugs.

  2. I am glad you like the redesign!

    Bugs and I have an interesting relationship. I had a green lacewing in my apartment yesterday. I debated for a while... But decided to terminate it. I don't care what insects they are, they must not live here!

    I give a bit more slack to the bugs in the Mr. Yogato Garden, because I hope the birds and beneficial bugs will enjoy their fill of the bad ones. But leaf miners, oh no, they've got to go, or they'll pupate in the soil and just come back in larger numbers than ever.



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