Weekend Gardening

My sister picked me up and drove me to my mom's on Saturday while my mom was away on a wallpapering job. That gave me time to landscape her backyard a little bit, a belated Mother's Day present.

By "My sister picked me up and drove me to my mom's," I mean we were en route for about 7 hours, so unfortunately some of the plants looked a bit unhappy. Particularly the fern-leaf bleeding heart plant. It's a variety that has similar flowers, but in a bunch instead of in a row. Flowering is done for them now, but I think it'll be nice next year, after my mom finally nails down a permanent dwelling.

I also planted a flowering hosta that I've seen in the DC area--one of my beefs with hostas is that they are so overused for something that has what is to me a boring leaf shape, variegated though they generally are. But, to my surprise, some of them flower, and I like that, so I got one for Mother Dearest.

I also got some daylilies, African marigolds, purple- and red-flowering Salvia somethings, cherry tomatoes, and some... Er... They were, like, fun-shaped pink/red variegated leaf tuber things. That's the "surprise." It was a bit late to plant them, but still within the two-month window according to the back of the bag.

Mom's backyard is a bit... Mmm... In need of weeding? But the soil is pretty good, and I have hopes that the plants will do well.

The purple Salvia and the African marigold. I kind of think the Salvia should be called "Lizard Tongue" or something. See the up-close version later to see why.

Flowering hosta and some more marigolds. Marigold was a plant we had all the time growing up, my mom loves them!

The daylilies and yet more marigolds.

Red Salvia and the final marigold.

African marigold is larger than standard marigold blooms, but the flowers are more compact. They're kinda cool.

These hosta flowers are very pretty. They grow on a spike that comes out of the centre of the plant. I have seen many in the DC area in the past few weeks.

Red Salvia up close. This one and the purple one below look like little lizard heads, some complete with tongues. The "tongues" seem to fall out pretty readily, but I'm sure new inflorescences will have them.

Purple "Lizard Tongue" Salvia. (Common name of my own making, I dunno what they're called.)

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2 Responses to Weekend Gardening

  1. What a nice mother's day present!

  2. Thank you Fern! I do hope my mom enjoys the flowers, among the sea of weeds.

    I always worry about presenting plants as presents. I remember a phrase "The most expensive plant is a free plant" or somesuch. It's hard to offer someone living creatures as a gift, because then they have to add more work to their lives to take care of those organisms. But I tried for things that won't need too much attention (especially since it rains pretty well over there).

    We'll see how well these things survive. I know my mom will enjoy them while they're there, so I'm happy with it.



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