Vexatious Volunteering

Alright, so after work tomorrow, I have five options: shoe/clothing shopping; concert 1 with friends I haven't seen lately; concert 2 with a friend I have seen recently; gay ol' time with several groups for which I am a volunteer; or go home, crash, and do laundry. All are fun in their own ways.

I'm crashing. I've been non-stop on the go since... Well, since April 20-something. I don't have time to look at my garden much, I haven't posted anything on here in days, I haven't even had much opportunity to read others' blogs as often as I used to. I need to tone down my volunteering a bit... I volunteer at a museum every other Friday, now I volunteer at the National Arboretum on Saturday mornings, I'm on a recycling committee for a festival, and then I have random one-nighters, in addition to study groups, class, and my social life.

I love volunteering, but I'm still not yet used to the breakneck pace. Not too long ago, I was able to do much more, but I have to build up to it, and I'm not certain I really want to. I was in a nice little groove with my plants and my own little life with the occasional volunteering event (maybe once a month), but volunteer season is ramping up and I'm signed up not only for a lot of one-time events but I am now a regular volunteer at two places. I have to curtail my impulse-buyi... Er, my knee-jerk "Yes I want to help!" when I hear about some cool event to volunteer for.

Else, how am I to bring you pretty pictures like the one gracing this post? It's my South African squill (Scilla violaceae). It's an interesting plant to me--it seems to reproduce with tiny little bulb growths from the side. I'm going to wait for the one to get a bit larger and see if I can propagate it. The flowers themselves are also amazing. Is it a raceme? I think so. They're a bunch of tiny little purple stamens greatly accented by the bright yellow pollen and the green petals/sepals?. Very pretty! Prettier if you click on it and enlarge it.

And that's the post. I'll try for eine Pflanzenfortschreibung (a plant update) soon. It's a jungle in my apartment!

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