To Stave Off Pretty-Picture Overload

So, my latest philosophy is this: shorter posts for easy digestibility. But that also means more frequent posts. Maybe I'll just do more frequent long posts. That'll appease me! But for the moment, here's a short post. It would be longer, but some of my pretty pictures were used up in other recent posts.

I bought this sunflower at a little store off 18th Street in Adams Morgan. I just Googled, and I almost had the name right: A Little Shop of Flowers. I also bought a yellow and cream orchid and an off-white daisy-type flower that isn't a daisy but I'm not so good at these things. It was for a small bouquet for my sister when I went to visit a portion of the family last weekend. It gives me hope that some of my sunflowers will look this good!

I have, of course, noticed the roses in DC blooming profusely. We do like our roses here. I have, for some reason, been leaving electronics at home: I haven't had my MP3 player with me for weeks; my camera is less of a passenger; and I even forget my mobile phone sometimes. Because of this blog and my gardening, I have been noticing more plants than ever before, and I keep snapping photos of them. I only have one photo of beautiful roses, but over at Gradually Greener, there are more pictures of roses from DC yards. I did notice last night that the Grenada embassy has some cute little flowers, even some arranged in a circle around a manhole. I intend on shooting that photo on Sunday.

This is... Hm, I feel my Gynura aurantiaca needs a name of his own. He's so much cuter, purpler, and awesomer than all the images I find of other G. aurantiaca on Google. They look like deadly icky weeds; Barton (just named him, right here, right now! YOU were there! Wanna buy a T-shirt?), here, looks friendly, cuddly, and fun-loving. This is a photo of one of his leaves from the underside, inspired by the transmitted-light posts over at PATSP. Not quite so in focus--I'll try for a less bendy leaf next time.

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