Snakes And A Plane

I can't resist taking photos of wildlife while I'm traveling. When I'm here in DC? I barely notice animals. But I love black squirrels. I think they're cute! I took a video of a squirrel in Ottawa, but I'll spare you the Romanian music and just put a picture up. I also went to a reptile petting zoo in the area. I got to pet a Burmese Python named Annie and feed a tortoise named Killer, and some rattlesnakes tried to kill my friend, but luckily the habitat's glass wall intervened. And then there were some groundhogs, elsewhere. My camera's battery had died, unfortunately, by that point. I had never seen a real-life groundhog before!

Das Eichhörnchen is lookin' good! I used to think black squirrels were only in DC, but clearly they range further afield.

How many pythons can you count? One of these is Annie, I think. Cute. Deadly!

This parrot squawks and makes a ruckus whenever she's left alone and people are paying attention to other critters, and yet she never wants a cracker (or her name isn't Polly, I'm not sure). Picture taken by a bird of the same name.

Gator! They seem friendly.

This guy just sits around in his tank with his mouth open, waiting for food to fall in. Oh, for such a life!

I am in LOVE with marmosets. They are so cute, inquisitive, energetic, hoppity, and head-twistingly demonic.

Also, confused by one of my friends. They loved him, they watched his every move. Just like the rattlesnakes! It was strange. Picture taken by the bird-girl.

Speaking of rattlesnakes... Watch! My camera started recording just as the snake lunged at the glass toward my friend, but it took only a split second. Don't get close to these guys in the wild, they'll bite you before you even realize it!

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3 Responses to Snakes And A Plane

  1. Ever had rattlers crawl under your garden chair?
    That's what we had to get used to in upstate NY.
    It still makes me tremble when I think of it. Wouldn't want to pet them. Particularly after attending a rattler venom collecting meet in PA. Hundreds of them. And not behind glass neither. Brrrrrr.
    Your friend looks sweet. As do the marmosets. Maybe they thought he was one of them :-)

  2. Rattlers totally creep me out. But I agree, I love a marmoset and especially love a black squirrel. They seem to revel in their difference!

  3. great pics. The very first time I convinced my wife to go hunting with me for wild boar, I stepped through a clear cut and almost stepped on a huge rattler. It was amazing!! The rattlers body was moving and it's patterns confused me, I couldn't really see the head, just the tail. She wanted me to shoot it. But I figured ol jake warned me and he could have easily bit me, so I backed away with a screaming japanese women spewing japanese explitives and we were on our way.



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