Pretty Pretty Flowers

I have been saving up photos of pretty flowers for the past two weeks (or longer). Some are from DC, some are from Ottawa, but all are beautiful. Also, I haven't had much down-time for blogging lately, so enjoy the eye candy!

These are my strawberry flowers. I actually took this photo about a week after I bought the strawberries, almost a month ago, I believe. I pinched the flowers because I want the plant to get established and bushy before it produces, so next year it'll have a great harvest. But instead, it got all mildewy and dead because it's water-retaining soil and I'm an overwaterer. Some bits of it are alive, but the fungus gnats really love that planter. We'll see what happens when the nematodes arrive.

Now this one, holy damn. Holy damn for two reasons: one, the flowers were about eight inches in diameter (or was it six? They must be overexaggerating male flowers), and two, I am kicking myself because I know what they are but I don't know what they are. I took this photo at the National Arboretum plant sale two weeks ago. Surprisingly, besides the children drumming, this was really the only photo-worthy item at the sale. I'm not picky, you know. Maybe I had just been dehydrated from the heat that weekend and my brain didn't work properly.

These irises are absolutely stunningly magnificent. Some two guys in Dupont Circle in DC manage a little corner park area, and there was almost a field of irises blooming last week (or, at least, as close to a field as you'll get in downtown DC).

These bleeding hearts were also in the garden with the irises. There were more plants, but these two were the most striking in bloom at the moment. The combination of the gentle blue and purple of the iris and the bright, friendly pink of the bleeding heart made my jaunt to the metro to get to the airport a bit better.

This gigantic yellow bloom was on some sort of succulent or cactus or somesuch plant. It has an almost come-hither look to it: its pistil thrust forward; its stamens all bunching up behind, waiting their turn for the spotlight; its bright, elaborate multilayered gown distracting yet framing and leaving little to the imagination.

Let's just say I'm glad this was at a market in Ottawa or I might have bought it.

I fell in love with these tiny little blue flowers on Q Street a few weeks ago. But this photo is from Ottawa, and this plant has blue flowers and albino flowers! I thought that was wicked cool.

And here's the promised eye candy, my favourite DJ, Kaskade. I have been to four of his shows; twice in Canada and twice in the U.S. I saw him in Ottawa and will see him next Saturday here in DC. I have to go back to Canada to see him yet again to even out the score!

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7 Responses to Pretty Pretty Flowers

  1. Pinching the berry flowers is so hard to do. All that potential. Hopefully it will come back. They can surprise you sometimes.

  2. That's my hope too, Christy. There are some bits that are fine... We'll see. You would have thought I'd have learned my "different soil, different water requirements" lesson already, but nope! I'm slow.

  3. And jo... LoL

    Thanks. Orchid. Gah. I knew I'd kick myself.

  4. Those strawberries look lovely. I hope mine turn out like yours this year.

  5. I love the pics, and wish strawberries were more of an option around here...oh, to not live in SoDak, D.C. is actually one of my contenders for places I will move when I graduate. The Iris are gorgeous. I need to start taking more flower pictures, they are just so pretty.

  6. Very Pretty flowers. and i like the extra stitching on the petals. I like the way you defined strawberry flower. What at unusual Plant, I've never seen this before..

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