Nasturtium Pancakes

The other night, I decided I wanted to try hwajeon, Korean sweet rice flour pancakes decorated with edible flowers.

Because I have such a large stock of such special rice flour in my apartment at all times (but I often run out of wheat flour--how did I become that person who's more likely to have sweet glutinous rice flour than wheat flour?), I just picked up some nasturtium flowers at the store for this recipe, because mine are only just now germinating and it'll be a while before they'll be ready for salads and other meals.

I saw the recipe on a Korean cooking video podcast that I follow. The woman who does the podcast, Maangchi, is awesome and her recipes seem delicious, but this is the first one I tried. She has a video and instructions on her website if you'd like to check it out.

My experience? I need to buy a nonstick pan. I think cooking the pancakes a bit longer would have, y'know, made them taste less like flour. Or, adding sugar to the dough might help. Maybe making the syrup would be better than getting lazy and just sprinkling with powdered sugar? Because these things were dense, chewy, and floury. Not really edible. The flowers didn't really taste like anything, but they sure added character!

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5 Responses to Nasturtium Pancakes

  1. Well, at least it was pretty food, yes?

  2. Those you can't eat will dry out and become pretty plaques to hang on your wall.

  3. Wow, this would be a great conversation starter at any gathering!

  4. Edible flowers add visual spice in the kitchen. Aerogarden has an edible flower kit. Your dish looks awesome.

  5. :-D I am happy you all find my food pretty!

    I am excited that my nasturtiums have germinated--in a few weeks, maybe I'll have home-grown edible flowers and I'll try this recipe again!



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