This beauty deserves its own post, does it not?

On Friday, 22 May, I finally got down to Mr. Yogato after dark to see the Datura bloom. I felt a bit dirty--I had just come from an old haunt, where I met up with an old university friend who lives in the area and just graduated. We went to Sprinkles, in Potomac, MD. I had ice cream there. I didn't order anything when I got to Mr. Yogato.

But then, I'm not gardening out front of Sprinkles. That's the ultimate expression of love for an establishment, is it not? I'm sure Mr. Yogato won't feel jealous that I was at a competitor... Wearing a T-shirt with that competitor's name on it, too.

Maybe when we finally have our Boggle tournament, Mr. Yogato will feel the real love... As I crush him! Consider yourself challenged, Mister!

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