Mind: Blown

Pothos isn't Pothos at all. It's Epipremnum aureum. Like, what the hell? It used to be Pothos, but now it isn't. That's why it's called pothos still. But it's not.

That's what I get for making assumptions... So maybe that's why little Brendan had taken so long to grow his first leaf: I kept telling him he was someone he was not and he couldn't figure out what to do. (He is working on his fifth leaf right now, he's zooming!)

As an update, hopefully I crushed or removed the ten million little pests I had been expecting, or else I'll come back from my weekend away to an insecty apartment. The fungus gnats are still around, but they're almost gone; the aphids or whatever the hell they are are clearly from some plant that I've taken in in the past few days... Or maybe one fell off the tomato from so long ago and made babies--but they look very different. Less crickety, more spidery. So I'm thinking new infusion.

Maybe from the bleeding hearts I potted for my mom. Maybe from the two flowering plants I kept from the lady who gave me all her seeds. Maybe from the grape vines I bought. (Yeah, that's right, I'm growing grapes now.) Maybe the bugs floated up to the 12th floor, made it through my window screen, and were deposited gently upon my peppers and eggplants by a magical force.

Yeah, that seems likeliest.

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