Marigold, Not Mary Jane

How many times have I been asked if I grow weed in my garden? Surprisingly, only once.

How many times have people just assumed that I do and ask me who my supplier is? A lot more than once.

Just because I have grow lights and a garden in my living room does not mean in the least that I do or grow any sort of drug. It's kind of annoying, actually, that people just assume, even after having known me long enough (long enough in my mind, at least) to know that I've only even seen pot a few times in my life and never have even had an inclination to smoke it or do anything harder. I mean, I guess I'm so fun-loving, ADD, distractable, and eccentric that people just assume I'm doing drugs left and right. But, surprise, this is me naturally!

Sooooo, I just tossed the one bag of "lavender" seeds that the woman said look like cannibis seeds, not lavender. Because they really don't look like lavender seeds. Google tells me that they look like cannibis seeds, too. The bag also has an empty pill capsule, with who knows what having been inside it. Click on the image to open a much larger version--you can see the bag the "lavender" seeds and the pill capsule came in, as well as lavender flowers from a different lavender-labeled seed bag.

So many people I know would be so upset that I'm just throwing such illegal treasures away. Ah well!

Do all gardeners get the random "Do you grow pot and where can I get some?" question? Or is it really only serious indoor gardeners who are queried that?

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3 Responses to Marigold, Not Mary Jane

  1. That is so funny.
    Actually, I have to confess, I wouldn't mind growing one single MaryJane plant, just to know what all the fuss is about. I wonder if it looks similar to hemp, which I have grown. (Decades ago, to make cloth. I am a weaver).
    In Amsterdam, houseboat owners grow MJ freely on the roof of their canal boats. No police interference.
    Thanks for taking the trouble to have a look at my blooms yesterday.

  2. I don't tend to talk about my hobby because I have been asked that a lot. If you rub elbows with people in the industry talk of "that plant" is non-existant. It is all about the science and products.

  3. Hemp and marijuana are the same species. I think they are different varieties, however--hemp tends to have less THC, the active ingredient in MJ. Or at least in the US, it has to, in order to be grown commercially.

    In Amsterdam, pot is legal. But even there I wouldn't grow it for, eh, medicinal use. But maybe for the hemp. Twine gets pretty expensive, it'd be nice to be able to make my own!

    But not here.



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