The Lone Wol...Pest

Is it possible to ever find just a single aphid, all by its lonesome? I'm not even convinced this is an aphid, but it's the best ID I can make. I'm not conversant in plant pests, really, or even insects in general. Either way, just one. Only one. I'm waiting for the other ten million shoes to drop.

This is the best picture I could get (click on it to see a much larger version)--the thing was on my summer crookneck, but none of the veggie pest ID sites offered much help, unless it's an aphid. It looks spidery, for sure, and it's easily visible, so that rules out a lot of other pests.

What else is left? Doesn't matter. This one sure as hell isn't left in my garden. It has gone to trash heap heaven!

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3 Responses to The Lone Wol...Pest

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  2. I find myself thinking it might be red spider mite, which is not necessarily red.
    Usually inside greenhouses, so they would love your surroundings.
    Maybe they have upmarket tastes and prefer your lounge to just a plain greenhouse :-)

  3. I'll try that link--it still confuses me which blogs are what, but I'll try to check regularly. :-P

    And I was thinking this guy can't be a spider mite, 'cause not only is it clearly visible, it's about 1/8 of an inch wide. The squash seedling isn't really all that large. From what I read, spider mites generally are smaller... But maybe this one is just a monster and the rest are normal sized.

    Gah, who even knows?



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