The Happening

Or, Random Plant-Related Events. With some pretty pictures. Because I have a lot of stuff that has been waiting its turn while I've been busy. Most of this wouldn't deserve its own post, or even a feature in the regular Pflanzenfortshreibungen. But they're interesting, pretty, or cool little happenings that I think deserve a tiny spotlight.

Y'all know I'm a sucker for purple! I was just cool with it until I started seeing it in all these flowers and plants everywhere--now it's one of my favourite colours. This is a photo of what I think is a kidney bean flower from yesterday morning with its purplish petals (they look more pink than lavender here, but I blame the camera. We've not been getting along lately.).

Here are my oh-so-vigorous peanut plants, prior to the thinning. I don't think an 8-inch pot will be large enough for even a single peanut plant, so there's this spot in the Mr. Yogato garden that I'm thinking about transplanting my remaining peanut plant into... There were supposed to be strawberries there, but one died and the other two or three never materialized. So there's a ring of strawberries around this empty patch of ground... Which could be growing peanuts.

I bought grape vines. "Flame" red seedless grapes. Let's see how they do, eh? I might be a bit crazy, but hell, it was only $10.

Who can resist viny tendrils of bean love? This mystery bean is growing up the grow-light's power cord. I angled the metal reflector differently so the branch wouldn't toast, but I'll have to rig the cord away instead--the light is needed in its old position!

My dwarf climbing jasmine that I bought at the National Arboretum's plant sale last month didn't appreciate my attention. I think I had been overwatering and underlighting--the peeps at Meehan's Miniatures told me to keep it in partial sun, which to me meant on top of the computer table hutch thing, which barely gets any direct sunlight. The begonias were happy up there, and they were happy with the watering schedule. I am fond of the begonias, now in my office, so the jasmine got more attention than I think it liked. So, after a short conversation with an employee at the Garden District, I transplanted it and moved it down on the planter so it could get more light and less attention. It is still dropping some leaves, but new ones are growing, so excitement abounds! But not attention. No, I can't afford to pay too much attention to this guy.

I bought a pineapple from Trader Joe's on Monday with a coworker. I don't have pineapple often, but I splurged. And is was ridiculously delicious. So I planted the top. Of course. I plan on harvesting another pineapple in about a year and a half.

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One Response to The Happening

  1. Pineapples are hard to get established and really don't like temps to drop, but they are a gorgeous and very LARGE plant when full sized. I was always so surprised by how big they go when I lived in Hawaii, especially with those new pineapples just sticking up to the sides.



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