Guerrilla Gardening Gone... Well, Just Gone

I would like to say "Gone Wild," but when someone has systematically removed each and every seedling from most of the street, then things really can't get to the "Wild" point.

There are two planters at the southern-most part of the street with some sunflowers left, and the weeded mass across from it has some, as well as sugar snap peas. The square planters at the northern-most point have a few survivors, but the bags, trash, and intentional removal have inhibited the beauty that would have arisen in a few weeks.

Just a quick map to show you the general location of the surviving sunflowers.

See the bottles? These were in the planter. See the trash can? Too far away for people, clearly. I normally just pick out the trash (paper towels, candy wrappers, bottles, cans, other items) and walk it to the trash while I'm on my way home from some event or meeting, but Friday, 22 May, I was a bit disgusted. You can see a few sunflower seedlings in the planter to the left of the bottles, but those were gone by Monday, 25 May. Not crushed, like some in the planters--gone. Picked. Targeted, identified, and systematically removed.

This one only survived, I think, because the purple salvia is hiding it. For now. I'm trying not to get my hopes up about it growing tall and being beautiful, because there are clearly people who would rather not see that happen.

These are some of the only surviving seedlings. They survive because they're in a raised bed of weeds and people don't care. My friend and I planted enough that even if dogs, gophers, or drug addicts dig holes or roll around, some should survive to maturity.

Where's Snap Pea? Can you find him? The snap pea leaves out here are significantly larger than the ones I have growing in my apartment. They must get more light or something that I can't offer mine.

This is one of two planters along the street that retain any sunflowers. These are all probably the Titan variety, which can grow to 12 feet tall--almost as tall as the little tree they're planted under. Let's see how it goes, eh?

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