Grow My Pretties!

This are getting jungly. I can barely see the pumpkins (which are finally growing sizable leaves) underneath all the beans. Although the strawberries had a few problems, what with some random fungus and then the fungus gnats, they seem to have gotten over it and there are still three green leaves. The peanuts are HOLY FAST GROWTH Batman! Everything else is just going to town.

I have noticed that despite the fact that I grow indoors, the seasons have quite an impact upon how well plants grow. But that's a post for another day.

Hm, less talk, more pictures!

The beautiful spread.

The arugula basket, lined with a plastic bag. I hope these grow well--the growing medium is pretty much peat and sand. I'm going to add some leaf compost that I just bought to try to mix it up a bit.

My nasturtium and rainbow chard container. I just seeded these a week or two ago, they're pretty strong germinators!

Peanuts are crazy growers! I had them in a four-inch pot and within two weeks, the roots were poking out of the bottom. This eight-inch pot clearly won't hold them for long, but I figured it would be good for a month or so until I can get a larger planter just for them.

My strawberries had a rough time. I planted azuki beans in with them (legumes are a plus for almost any plant and are specifically recommended as companion plants with strawberries, if I recall properly). Hopefully the little mold problem that the strawberries had is gone--I was overwatering, clearly.

Willow branch number 1. It lost all its leaves as I was rooting it, but they're growing back! I... I don't know what I'm going to do with this one, or the second one. But I have two weeping willow trees now.

Radicchio/chive planter. These plants are four months old. The soil isn't that great, and I brought them in for a coworker. They didn't like her window, so once I brought it home, it perked right up. I will make a salad tomorrow featuring this radicchio at the very least.

My Gynura aurantiaca and its companion sugar snap peas. This dude is doing pretty well--so well, in fact, that I took a cutting to root (you can see the tip of it in the picture with the radicchio).

This is my South African squill, Scilla violaceae, leaves and all. I think they're cool plants, and it seems to love the sunshine!

Here's one of the three potato plants, overshadowed by the leguminous jungle.

I think these are eggplant seedlings and cilantro. There may be some hot pepper or bell pepper--the early plants look very similar to me, and I didn't mark anything, so... Heh. I don't know!

My new edamame! It had a bit of transplanting troubles, so the main stem is now gone, but the lateral growth is taking off and I put a few more seeds in the ground. It's tiny at the moment, but I have faith in these guys.

You can (I hope) see the pumpkin leaves amid the mass of beans. I kept worrying about the cucurbits, as they kept making leaves but the leaves wouldn't get very big--but I think it's related to the season. It needs warmer weather, which we're getting more consistently, and now the leaves are becoming larger and the plants are filling out. I might cut off some of the bean plants. I don't know which types of bean they are, but they're using up all the light!

Here are the four-month old plants--lemon basil to the left of the Ace bush tomato, Greek Mini Yevani basil to the right (underneath the Cherokee Purple tomato leaf, you can barely see it). All three plants are getting bigger, bushier, and generally healthier as it gets hotter and I stop watering as much. My being busy has clearly been a good thing for my plants!

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