Getting A Fix

I'm convinced that gardening is like cocaine.

No, really, think about it.

You're walking down the road and you see some empty patch of lawn or dirt, and the craving hits you. "Gotta plant, gotta plant, holy shit I need to go buy things to put there right now." You're walking into work and notice weeds growing in the flowerbeds, so you bend over and pull them out. You get a rush of satisfaction, which keeps you going until your lunch break when, antsy because the office plants can only stave off your cravings for so long, you get to go to your outdoor garden and do some weeding, thinning, and have a frozen yogurt.

And when you wake up in the morning, you look at this and think "Oh gods, what did I do last night?" You pull yourself out of that months-long haze and look in horror at what you had become: a plant-crazed addict.

I took this photo today specifically to show the people at the farmers' market how well the tomato plant I bought is doing. (I bought four, but they gave me aphids, and the other three ended up not surviving my brutal Death-To-All-Insect-Bearing-Plants method, but this one, oh this one is doing splendidly!) I'm sure they get a lot of people saying "Oh, my peppers are doing well" or "Dag nabbit, the deer ate the tomatoes and lettuce again this year."

But, y'know, I'm on gardening-crack. I need a fix. And I want to show the kale guy how well my tomato is doing.

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2 Responses to Getting A Fix

  1. Wow, this is so true. I can identify with all you said.

    Next time you get aphids, give your plants a bath. A strong blast of cold water will wash the aphids off the leaves. They move slow, so will starve before they can crawl back up.

    Your blog reminds me of this one
    like you she is landless. But she does have a balcony full of plants.

  2. Hey Tamra, you're right, that blog is right up my alley! I'm jealous of the amount of space she has to garden (a balcony!!), but definitely something I'll be following.

    loL the problem with my setup is that there isn't much space were something isn't trying to grow--blast 'em off one seedling/plant, they land on another.

    And they might be spider mites, I don't really know. The plants in pots I can dunk under the faucet, but I'm afraid that the ones in the main planter face a death sentence, unfortnately.



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