First Harvest!

Last night, I had some time to tend the garden (I skipped German class, I'll admit here, but I was so incredibly drained from work, I just couldn't think of going to class).

I looked at it, and it was crazy. I had beans growing on top of other plants, things trying to peek through from under the layer of compost I added last weekend, other plants hardly identifiable beneath the mass of bean leaves.

The beans had to be thinned. They're all getting flowerbuds on them right now, so I was hesitant about clipping them back. But when I saw the basil, tomatoes, pumpkins, and potatoes trying to grow but overshadowed by the beans, I knew what I had to do. So, I got a pair of scissors and a bowl and went to work. I clipped about eight bean plants. To be honest, I don't know what kind they are, mostly--I planted black beans, navy beans, kidney beans, and azuki beans. I know the azuki beans (they were all cut down, because I have plenty growing more healthily in the strawberry pot), but I don't know what more-mature navy or black bean plants look like--at least one of them is a runner bean (oh dear gods). It'll be a surprise to me what I harvest from the remaining plants.

The leaves and shoots from the ones that were cut back ended up in the bowl; the stems and cotyledons ended up in the compost. I also cut back two more sugar snap pea plants and added them to the bean leaves in the bowl.

This morning, I gathered a few lemon basil leaves, some lemon geranium leaves, and a sprig of cilantro. That's all that's in the photo here--some refrigerated-overnighted bean leaves and some fresh herbs. I cracked pepper and salt over the whole deal and added a few chard leaves from the farmers' market (they didn't have any kale this weekend, but the guy is incredibly nice, so I had to buy something, and chard is good too). I forgot to thin out the arugula seedlings and add some to the salad--I also forgot to, y'know, get dressing. So I stole some vinaigrette from the fridge at work, and the salad was awesome!

It'll be a while before I get another harvest, but this one was extraordinary for me. It makes me look forward to growing more beans from my cabinet, just for their leaves, if nothing else. It also makes me look forward to the rest of the season. Leaves aren't the only thing that will come out of my indoor garden--one of my Cherokee tomato plants is 28 inches tall and has some flowerbuds. The potatoes are growing, the peanuts seem to be doing well, and the peppers are well on their way to being healthy, productive plants.

Oh yes, grow, my pretties, grow!

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  4. Jay! Nothing's like the first harvest! May there be many more - without fungus gnats... :)



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