Carnivorous Germination

My little sundews are germinating! Well, half of them. Two of the four coke-bottle-bottom greenhouses have little green blobs in them that look like tiny plants! (Click the picture for a view that shows more than just the little green blobs. Photos were hard to get through plastic wrap and with an autofocusing camera!)

I planted them on, I would assume, 25 April, when I went to the National Arboretum's plant sale. So, 31 days ago. The back of the packets all say the same thing:

"Sow seeds from Spring onward, on the surface of very damp peat and horticultural sand (60/40). Keep constantly moist with rainwater or equivalent. Cover to keep humidity high. 70+ days to germination at 55-75 degrees F in bright light. Store seeds cold."

I think I had less sand than prescribed, and I haven't really "kept moist." I made the mixture moist, sprinkled seeds, covered with plastic wrap taped tightly to the side, and poked a single hole in the center for aeration and possible watering, if necessary. There has always been condensation on the plastic wrap, so I figured all was well and I just left it alone.

Tonight, reinvigorated by the idea of starting a plant-sale business, I pulled out my garden journal again and started taking notes: potted this, transplanted that, seeded those, oh look how well that's doing, uh oh, that's doing poorly, er, what's that again? You know, standard garden observations.

Maybe in a few months, these babies will be big enough to break out and start eating the fungus gnats, aphids, spider mites, white flies, and whatever those larger black flies are. They don't look like normal garden pests... They look like younger, leaner versions of normal houseflies. There aren't many, but there are enough that I am very, very happy that my sundew is growing months ahead of schedule.

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