Blossoming Beans... And Business?

I really love alliteration. I can't lie. It pleases me deep down inside when I can put two words together with the same first letter.

Anyway. My oh-so-lovely bean plants (the survivors of the cull) are flowering! That includes the edamame. But those flowers are surprisingly tiny.

The other beans, I don't know what they are. I think one is kidney bean--the plant is more bushy than the others. The runner bean type plant I think is navy bean. But it could be black bean. Who even knows? I'll figure it out after harvest. I'll make a nice stir fry or a bowl of soup!

I've been having thoughts about opening some sort of small business--making granola, making mochi, something along those lines.

But granola is high in calories and I kept eating it all, and the type of mochi I was trying to make apparently requires a microwave, which I don't have room for, so those ideas are out the window.

But what about an indoor-vegetable-garden-themed plant-sale business?

My indoor garden is like a proof-of-concept trial. My gimmick: veggie crop plants that are fairly easily grown indoors for those who don't have access to outdoor space (it sounds so obvious, doesn't it?). For example, beans seem to love growing inside my apartment. I want to find a good variety of tomato that will grow in a container--the Cherokee doesn't like small pots, and I'm certain that a much too large pot would be required to grow most tomato varieties. Maybe a cherry tomato?

Basically, I'd test out different types of herbs and vegetables indoors (more scientifically than I am doing now, I guess), set up a seedling station (metal shelving unit with fluorescent lights), and sell seedlings to people with the general idea of growing said seedlings indoors. Of course they can be grown outdoors, but hand-picking edible plants for indoor use is a service I might be able to offer that farmers or garden centres just can't compete with.

Besides, it's an excellent way to justify further spiralling into my plant obsession!

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3 Responses to Blossoming Beans... And Business?

  1. so all in all, how long has it taken you to get the beans up and going? Do you think I'd be able to start some? My carrots and radishes seemed to have failed...not enough light I think so I have a soon to be open pot. I was wondering though, how deep would it need to be, its more so like a window flower box style pot.

  2. These beans? They're about six weeks old. They're fairly well on schedule for development--55 days after emergence, they should be ready to pick as snap beans for stir-fry. That's in about another two weeks, I think, but that harvest date is different for among varieties, and I have no idea what I put in the ground other than "kidney bean" and "black bean," so I won't know which ones truly do well until I harvest the mature and/or dry beans--in several more weeks.

    Also, a cautionary word about this--the plants that I'm growing in the large planter box can't really be used as indicative of how well they'd do in a different container. That type of container is not what most indoor gardeners use, and I haven't tried them in an 8" or 12" pot yet. Beans are pretty quick-cropping and accepting, so they won't need as much room as, say, a pumpkin vine. But they'll probably need a lot of space--like, a one-gallon pot (8" diameter), maybe. Having a few in a railing flower pot type thing might be alright for a couple plants. But I'm not certain at the moment--I'll let you know in about 10 weeks, after I try a few things!

    What went wrong with your carrots and radishes? Mine all germinate and then sit around until aphids and/or spidermites eat them.

  3. I think I might go get some bean seeds today perhaps. As for my radishes and carrots...I don't have a clue. They come up, they have pretty green tops (and still have them) but they have been there for nearly 8 weeks and nothing seems to be happening at all. According to my stepmom they should be developing...which they aren't, so I'm sad. Hope you can figure out the bug problems you're having, or just accept them :)



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