And Now For Something Completely Different

Hm, well, not completely different. Just a little off-center to what has come before.

I have a mission.

the lights darken immediately, the audience gasps, and after a few seconds, a tiny spotlight slowly fades in, focusing on the Indoor Gardener, who has moved to center stage left

I have decided to catalog information about the plants that I'm growing in my apartment. Similar to the "Seeds Say What?" post, but instead of one gigantic post with a few tidbits on many plants, I will post two or so profiles per day with in-depth information about the post's specific plant.

So, for example, my first post will be on soybeans, of course, as the star of my show. I plan on expanding upon what information I already have (germination, seed-saving information) and include common pests, infections, treatments, water and light requirements, preferred acidity, nutrient levels, and all these things that I should have looked into before I stuck things in any kind of soil. (Can't squash the gardener's sense of wonder, adventure, and discovery, however ill it causes plants to become!)

I'll be working on this for a while, so for the next few days, things will proceed as usual (randomly, no real rhyme or reason), and I will almost certainly have extra posts that will not be along this vein. But shortly, these profile posts will start trickling in. It's not just good information to have readily available, it's the only way I'll be forced to learn about what I have living with me in my own bedroom and how to best take care of them.

Besides, I started thinking that Die Pflanzenfortschreibung posts were too long and too frequent, so I wanted to break them up. By focusing only on one plant at a time, it'll be a true update by the time I get a chance to talk about it again!

I really want to succeed in my garden. And if anyone else finds benefit to the upcoming posts? That's just an added bonus!

Post Scriptum: This post was really written after the soup puree recipe post, at 21:58, but it's more a note of upcoming change than anything of true interest, so I fudged the time stamp so the recipe would show up first when someone comes a'lookin'.

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3 Responses to And Now For Something Completely Different

  1. Wonderful idea!

    Often times growing plants indoors is very different than outdoors and not always well addressed in garden books. It will be nice to hear from someone who is actually doing it with those differences noted.

  2. Indoor- I think this is awesome, because someone like me who has the brain the size of a one celled organism, can really benefit from post like this. I look forward to more of your info.

  3. Christy, I completely agree. It has been overly difficult to find information about a lot of these little buggers I have popping up in my garden, in terms of indoor growing (indoor pumpkins? Who's that masochistic?). But I haven't done any hard digging, just quick searches (ADD and all, you understand), so hopefully I will gather a greater understanding about all this!

    ATW, pshaw! I'm glad you're looking forward to the posts, but you clearly sell your brain short--your beautiful backyard proves that!



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