Vermiculture? Who'da Thunk...

I've been tossing it around in my head for a while. I still haven't decided, but...

Really, why not? It's easy. Uber-easy. Simple, even! You don't need anything expensive, and I already have all the supplies I might require, except for worms.

I was going to go to a "Composting In The City" meeting/seminar/whatever tomorrow night, but I decided that studying for my German final on Thursday takes precedence.

So instead, I was browsing YouTube and found a video on worm composting by this lady whom I've seen freezing basil on Rosegeranium's blog, the Indoor Gardener.

Okay, yes, I stole the name, but I couldn't decide between "The Indoor Garden" or "The Indoor Gardener." Since both were taken, I compromised with "The Indoor Garden(er)."

So... I think I will check it out. Worst thing that could happen? The neighbour's roaches will find a home and fruit flies will be a permanent houseguest. I'm still considering it... But if anyone else tries this and/or has already tried it, let me know!

Also, if you know how to embed YouTube videos prettily in your Blogger blog, let me know... It'd save me a Google search! Okay, so I figured it out. It's super-easy (easier than vermiculture!).

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