Spring Has Sprung... And Then Said "Peace Out!"

Over the weekend, the weather was, in one word, ineffingcredible. It was 22 degrees (72-ish Fahrenheit) all weekend, the windows were open, people were outside, flowers were blooming, allergies were flaring up... Now it's 8 degrees (46 Fahrenheit) again. Tomorrow will be 4 degrees (39 Fahrenheit) and snowing.

Anyway, Tuesday night, I was walking around before going to Mr. Yogato for my 30 Day celebration, and I saw daffodils just sittin' there, enjoying the chill winds. They were beautiful. And it's only early March! I don't really pay attention to when things are supposed to pop out of the dirt, but after living so long in Canada, I just expect the ground to be frozen and covered in wet, white flakes until at least April. Not so, here. Or, at least, not this year (the weather year to year, even day to day, in DC is incredibly mercurial).

With the end of winter in sight, I sowed the seeds I mentioned in my previous post, and before that I put some herbs, carrots, and turnips in the ground, too. While I was sowing the seeds, I got adventurous and stuck a potato eye in the dirt near the chickpea and black bean. I will never have room for such growth from all the plants in here...!

Speaking of beans, the kidney beans are already developing inflorescences. It's ridiculous. They have about three true leaves each, with a few more coming out, but they are already trying to flower.

I wonder what hormones I've been feeding them, coming into adulthood so early!

Spring might be teasing outside, but indoors, it's been around for weeks; summer is on the horizon!

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3 Responses to Spring Has Sprung... And Then Said "Peace Out!"

  1. Sounds like the weather here in Columbia. Allergies flared up for me then it got freezing cold back to having a cold.

    I enjoy your blog.


  2. In other plants I'd suspect stress, but the beans are probably normal. Most bean varieties I've grown have started blooming early and contiued to do so for a very long time. I'm particular to runner beans - don't know if they are different compared to black beans.

  3. Trevor, hope you feel better! I'm glad you enjoy my blog, it's awesome to hear that! Right now, it's 6 degrees and miserable outside--so I'm going for a walk for a few hours. :-P

    Rose, thanks for the info! I have plans to check out what's normal for these plants, but they didn't come from seed packets, they came from my food supplies. I am very happy they are flowering, however, because it gives me immediate gratification and even more desire to keep up the gardening!



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