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In my view, part of gardening is building community. People see you tending your plants, caring for the Earth, and feeding you and your family healthily. An indoor garden is quite the same--each visiting friend or neighbour peering through the window can see the dedication and effort you put in to creating a meal, for guests or for yourself. Gardening shows that you care about yourself and those around you.

Really, it does, try it out sometime!

Along that vein, last night I planted 100 peat pots with different seeds. 40 of the little buggers are sunflowers (10 of each variety). These are for my Guerrilla Gardening project. It's a New Year's resolution (Plant flowers around your city *stealthily*) that I'll be doing in a month, once the sunflowers are recognizable so people won't kill them, and once the last frost hits.

Most of these sunflowers also have soybeans planted with them. I checked companion planting guides and they say that cucumbers or corn go well with sunflowers, but to avoid beans. Other sources say sunflowers assist the growth of beans. But soybean is often touted on some of these sites (Google "soybean companion planting") as being a miracle companion for everything. And I think it'd be wonderful to have cute little pink-flowering soybean plants near the sunflowers! Two edible plants randomly planted around the city. It'd be wonderful!

And it will build a sense of community. For me, at least. I will feel a part of the areas that I'm stealth-gardening. Others will notice that someone cares about the city, too, and maybe they'll decide to throw their trash in the trash can instead of on the ground.


The other 60 peat pots are filled with seeds that I plan on giving away to coworkers. 20 pots are filled with Ace Bush tomatoes, 10 have Mrs. Burn's Lemon Basil, 5 have Monnopa spinach, 5 have King of the North pepper, 5 have Envy soybean, 3 have parsley, and 2 have cilantro; for the more adventurous gardeners, there are 2 Cheyenne Bush pumpkins, 2 Summer Crookneck squash, 2 chickpeas, 2 Aurora peppers, and 2 potato eyes from a tiny potato I had in my refrigerator. I'll bring them in to work in April and let my coworkers fight over what they want.

So, plants are my way of feeling part of a community. It's a way to show that I care about the people around me. There are other ways, but plants are special; ones that you have tended and grown yourself are even more so.

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