I Totally Had Better Things To Do

But instead, I cooked, cooked, cooked. And got a haircut, but that's besides the point.

In my previous post, I gave a recipe for my Peanut Butter Crunch Dessert Sushi. I made some of that tonight and updated the post with pictures. A lot of people find the seaweedy taste with peanut butter and rice a bit strange, but I think it's a wonderful combination!
Hm. Maybe my taste is why people won't try my cooking creations.

Well, to hell with that! To the left is a picture of my latest granola, Banana Walnut Yums. It isn't as banana-y as you'd think. It's good to snack on, but I've found that with my granolas, the flavours really come out after you put them in milk (like cereal). It's pretty cool to have orange or banana flavoured milk!

So far, I have three granola recipes. The standard sugary cinnamon goodness, Citrus Craze, and now Banana Walnut Yums. Citrus is my favourite; cinnamon is a good stand-by; Banana Walnut needs a few tweaks. But, it was my first batch, and I had run out of butter... I'll get better as I go!

Speaking of running out of butter, this is why:

My first-ever quiche! Inspired by this flan recipe on a gardening compatriot's companion recipe blog that he and his wife just started, I decided to get creative in the kitchen. But I didn't have ramekins, and I forgot what ingredients to buy (the condensed milk and evaporated milk), so instead I used the remainder of my spinach, two types of goat cheese, and about half of the bunch of erba stella that I got at the farmer's market. (The Wikipedia entry isn't very full, but it's a tasty green!) I even made my own pie crust (it was half butter, not exactly "healthy"--I used 10 eggs and whole milk in the quiche, too!).

I am insanely proud of myself. Until I came to the realization that a blender is not a food processor, I didn't even think that I should have bought a premade pie shell. I was operating the entire time under the assumption that I'd just make it myself. And I did, food processor or no! But not even thinking about buying a premade shell... That's a huge step in the direction I want to go! I didn't get around to making the manju... In addition to eventually marketing the granola, if I make this manju properly, I'll start supplying it for Mr. Yogato in DC and the new location in Baltimore, maybe! I think I finally have it right... Just a few more attempts to make sure it can be replicated properly, and Mr. Yogato and I have a deal.

I say manju 'cause it's slightly different from mochi. Not much, but enough, I guess, to warrant a different name on the recipe sites! I only use those as guides, however. I'm a free spirit in the kitchen!

Watch out for hairs. I just got my hair cut, you see.

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2 Responses to I Totally Had Better Things To Do

  1. Kenneth-- That granola looks so good man. I eat granolas before my runs and I would like to learn how to make them. I have to do some research and haha, you made a quiche!! We were just about to make one this sunday and decided to go on a trip to a farm instead. It looks great! Keep up with the post.



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