Grow Lights: Check

I broke down and added grow lights. They aren't really all that expensive, either! But my ceiling is crazy. I was going to screw in some screw hooks, but it didn't work out... So instead I staple-gunned some 4x4s to the sides and screw hooked the tops so the little fixtures can hang from there. It'll give me freedom to angle them differently as the plants grow (if the plants grow). I have hopes!

They haven't been happy lately, if you've noticed... Fungi, overwatering, fungus gnats, transplanting... I don't want to add "not enough light" to that list!

Unfortunately, I think my turnips (oh no, not my turnips!) are not going to make it. The turnips, onions, radishes, and other such seedlings with deep, unbranching stem systems didn't appreciate being picked out of the soil and stuck in different soil. I think I nipped off a lot of root meristems... Luckily, I have many packets full of seeds, although I'd hate to start over after a month and a half... I'll do what I have to for a wonderful salad, soup, stew, or garnish!

This photo is a very edited glamour shot of my soybean. They get pretty hairy, and it's fun playing around with the image enhancing tools in Paint Shop Pro 7! (Adobe Photoshop confuses me... I might take a course about it at work, if I have time.)

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3 Responses to Grow Lights: Check

  1. Turnips are easy to grow but somewhat picky. I overfed mine and got a lot of lush leaves and a root thin as a yarn (about as fibrous as one too...). Then I took to spraying my crops with water (keeps the thrips at bay) and the leaves started to mold... However, they (the leaves) worked great in stews.

    Nowadays I grow mostly leaf vegetables - more food from the soil needed.

  2. Turnip leaves as food!? I *have* to try!

    I think I have one turnip surviving the transplant... I'll stick a few seeds in the soil, they should do fine, now!

    I am debating trying to set up a spike/drip irrigation system like I set up at the botanical research facility at my university... But I don't have a hose, and DC tap water is so highly chlorinated... I use my charcoal Brita filter to water my plants. I think I'll just stick to that. :-D

    I think, however, that after this round, I'll stick to a lot more leafy veggies too. They are mostly what I eat, and the couple of onions or turnips that I can get from the same amount of space doesn't seem worth it!

    But man, this is so effing awesome. I get so excited!

  3. If you are using fluorescent lights as grow lights, they have to be inches from the plant to be of any assistance.



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