Fruity Friday & Happy Spring!

Finally! Another photo shoot! Please enjoy the first day of Spring!

I could not resist photographing this flower. It was growing from a crack between a concrete step and a rock wall. It seemed so alone and beautiful, with purple tinges along the creases in the petals. Happy Spring, Everyone!

Spring might be here, but when I lowered my grow lights to six inches over the plants, some of the carrots decided to die. I moved them back to their original position to avoid killing any more seedlings. Hopefully everything will be fine. I can't figure out a way to better position the lights without spending more money, which, at the moment, I can't do.

The mystery squash isn't doing so well... In fact, all my cucurbits are doing pretty poorly. I will look up nutrient defficiencies for these guys. They are all developing leaves like crazy, but they are chlorotic, underdeveloped, and don't last very long. These plants need something extra that the others might not need as much of... What is it?

This is the Summer Crookneck. Not doing so hot, but look at all the tiny yellow leaves. Not a good sign!

One of the Cheyenne Bush pumpkins. Sigh... I really had wanted to make a home-grown pumpkin pie!

Cheyenne Bush number two--or it may be a different squash! Who knows?

Back to better news... The Guerrilla Gardening project is going well! The edamame and sunflowers are shooting up like crazy! (See in the back.) The squash, potatoes, chickpeas, basil, etc seem to be doing well also--remember, these are for the coworkers who wish to garden too.

My radicchio is doing pretty swell too! There are some bright spots in my garden, even if not everything is doing well!

The Greek Mini Yevani basil is another bright spot in the garden. It is compact, but robust!

And here are the flowering kidney beans. They haven't opened yet, but you can tell that there are inflorescences. Hopefully they'll flower soon so I can take more pictures!

Speaking of flowering... Didn't I read that soybeans have pink flowers? Are they microscopic? Because I look at these plants every frakkin' day and I have never seen any flowers on this edamame plant! And yet, when I got home last night, behold! Baby bean pods!

There were two on the same plant. The other two soybeans didn't have any, but then, I haven't seen any flowers... I'm confused, but happy. I will have fruit in a few weeks! YES!

Yes, technically, little edamame bean pods are fruit! Botanically, there is no such thing as a vegetable; everything we eat is a fruit, a root, a tuber, a leaf, an enlarged receptacle, a seed, or, sometimes, a stem. For example, the "vegetable" tomato is actually a fruit (a berry, to be exact). A strawberry isn't actually a berry--it is an enlarged receptacle. The receptacle is where all the parts of the flower are attached to the stem, basically. But the strawberry "flower" is actually tons of little flowers all mashed together. There are dozens of strawberry fruit on each strawberry we eat--what we think of as the seeds are actually entire fruits with seeds inside! Beans are seeds, bean pods (like green beans) are fruit, carrots are roots, onions are bulbs (fleshy leaves, mostly).

Studying a bit of botany makes growing a vegetable that much more exciting. I need to start looking over my textbooks again. My fruity plants are making me want to learn more! I wonder where I'll find the time...

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3 Responses to Fruity Friday & Happy Spring!

  1. Dude, This is simply awesome!! Edamame are looking good. It's a shame that some of the other plants are having issues. Thanks for the info. I have a few more wrinkles on my really smooth brain.

  2. Sorry about the carrots! What kind of lamps are you using? The carrots may have gotten too hot. (Unless they have some other issues that just happened to get into 'full bloom' at the same time as you lowered the growlight.)

  3. Hah, I do think it must have been the heat--the bulbs do give off quite a bit of it! The soil around the dead carrots was dry--only a few inches out, it was moist. Without buying more grow lights, I can't cover the entire garden with light and have them closer to the plants, so it's a better thing to have them further away, I think. That way, the heat/light effect is as uniform as I can make it. I keep the heater on right next to the garden, so I don't think it's too cold for them, and it's getting warmer now outside, so that's awesome.

    If nothing else, I will have a garden full of edamame, which seem to enjoy the way I'm treating them. Whatever grows, grows. It would be easier to tend to plants' individual needs in their own containers, but, well, I'm crazy.



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