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I am getting my Soupergirl soups tomorrow. You might remember my initial reaction to her soups... One of utter amazement, delight, and salivatory ecstacy. That was only duplicated twofold last week, when I got the Chunky Winter Soup Extravaganza and the Heavenly Cinnamon Spice Pear & Parsnip soups. I managed to save the Extravaganza for lunch on Wednesday, but the Pear & Parsnip soup barely made it to the pot to heat up after I picked it up at Mr. Yogato. Tomorrow night, not only do I pick up two quarts of new Soupergirl soup at Mr. Yogato, I am also celebrating my 30 consecutive days of going to Mr. Yogato with a little party. I get a flavour named after me--we decided on Peachy Ken.

Anyway! Wait, what was I talking about? Actually, I don't know at all. No, I remember now. I was at the Dupont Circle Farmers' Market on Sunday, of course, and I picked up a few veggies, fruits, and cheese before my D&D game. I bought this kale from the market because it's Red Russian, the variety that I'm growing. I wanted to try it, so I made a salad earlier with some lettuces, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, raisins, goat cheese, and a vinagrette that I made. I don't know what the kale tastes like by itself, but gods, was that salad ever amazing!

I am thinking that I should buy a goat. She can hide in my closet and eat my organic refuse--potato, carrot, turnip, and other peelings; the ends and skins of onions; the bits of soup or stew stuck to the sides of the crock pot when I'm done cooking. Then I can milk her and make my own goat cheese. If I teach her how to use the toilet, there won't even be a sanitation issue!

Alright, I'm not that crazy. But the kale, two types of spinach, radish, turnip, turnip greens, and maybe some of the beans if they're ready at the same time will all be going into amazing salads, supplemented only by vinagrette and cheese. It makes me feel awesome to know that I am currently growing future meals!

Along that vein, I put in the ground the Carnival Blend Carrot; Florence, Finocchio Fennel; Garden Broadleaf Sage; Common English Thyme; Italian Dark Green Flat Parsley; Common Oregano; and Slow Bolting Cilantro/Coriander, as well as replanted a few turnips to replace those that did not make the transplant. I didn't label the herbs or the carrots--it'll be a surprise when I accidentally use sage instead of cilantro for my salsa! I am assuming I'll be able to recognize the herbs on the basis of their leaf shapes. Shouldn't be too hard, should it?

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