This is one of those forehead-smacking moments. Remember how I had unplugged the timer my grow lights are plugged into that controls the amount of light the plants get on a daily basis? And how I was all like "I think they might be getting too much light"? And how I decided to ease them into the grow lights by starting them up again, only a few hours a day, and add an hour every week? (That bit is in the comments.)

Well... I checked the timer today to reset the time the lights would go on. I thought 8 AM to 3 PM would be good--that's a tad longer than the sun naturally shines into my apartment.

And I noticed that the timer was set to turn the lights on from midnight to 7 PM. Yes, that's right, folks--19 hours of light! What the heck? I thought I had set it from 7 AM to 7 PM--12 hours, the in-between setting recommended by the grow-light-bulb box.

I can see my sleep-walking self going to try to turn the lights off early in the morning and accidentally pushing down the little buttons that set the timer... But an extra seven hours? The garden is in my bedroom/living room/computer room (I have a studio, not even a one-room apartment)! I should have noticed, right...? But I apparently always go to bed before midnight.


Well, it's set for just seven hours now. I'll pay closer attention to it to make sure it doesn't change itself back to 19 hours!

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