Dapper Desserts

So, I say I will include recipes. Here's one!

I haven't made my Banana Walnut Yums yet, but I plan to tonight. I have started making granola and providing Soupergirl with samples. She's my official taste tester! And since I want to market my granola at some point, I won't be giving out the recipes. But I have others, never fear!

Alright, folks... This may sound icky. It may sound weird. But trust me, it's yummy. Or rather, I like it. Try it if you dare!

Peanut Butter Crunch Dessert Sushi

  • Brown rice

  • Peanut butter (I use crunchy)

  • Nori rolls

  • Celery

  • Sesame seeds

  • Bamboo rolling mat

By the way, yes, that is the entirety of my apartment's counter space. That's why I use my nightstand as a second "counter."

Using a rice cooker, cook desired amount of brown rice as per your rice cooker's instructions. You can use a normal ol' pot if you wish, but I can't cook rice at all without automated aides.

When the rice is finished, set it aside while you slice long, thin sections of celery.

Place one sheet of nori on the rolling mat (which is only a few dollars at most grocery stores). Spoon on some peanut butter (however much you wish) along the edge nearest you. Place sliced celery in the peanut butter and spoon on some rice. Sprinkle sesame seeds now, if you wish, or roll, cut, and sprinkle later. The sesame seeds are just for fun, you don't have to use them, the sushi will be nutty enough without them!

The brown rice provides a slightly nutty flavour, as do (obviously) the peanut butter and the sesame seeds. The celery provides a much-needed crunch to the sushi, and the nori and peanut butter are a bit salty. Surprisingly good combinations!

Eat it there or chill and enjoy!

Variations: Use apple instead of celery. Use sweet rice wraps (I have heard about these but haven't tried them yet). Use something with sugar (dip in chocolate sauce?).

I might get pictures up if I get adventurous tonight and decide to make some sushi, along with the manju, quiche, and granola that I have on my list!

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2 Responses to Dapper Desserts

  1. Dude!! Peanut Butter Sushiiiiiii. Im game. At first thought Im like hell no. But honestly after a 6 mile terrain run with the boys, there is a need for a Good Carb/protein mix to refuel the glycogen stores. I would definately be down to trying this but I have to beaten up from the trail first, Im sure it would taste great.

  2. Do let me know how you like it!

    I was thinking of maybe also adding raisins for a bit of sweetness... Like Ants On A Log with brown rice and seaweed. :-D



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