Veggies: I Choose You!

Or Why I Picked What I'm Growing.

There was some thought behind this. Not much, granted: Mostly it was just that I want to eat these plants, so I am trying them out. I have few illusions about what could or could not happen, but you never know!

I have a southwest-facing window that gets about five hours of sunlight a day, and that's in the middle of winter. I'm pretty sure I'll get a bit more during the summer; I live on the 12th floor of my building, and although the other side of the building blocks the first rays of dawn, the rest of the day (8:15 AM and beyond right now), light streams in incessantly. I might get a grow-lamp if I find it necessary, but I think I'm good. The planter box will also be right near the heater, just in case!

I'm pretty sure most of what I chose to grow will do fine. You might be a bit perturbed about the Cheyenne Bush and Summer Crookneck... Those, well, I don't really know what I'm going to do with those. I acted impulsively, I will admit! I like gourds and squash. The plan is to try to train them up some poles and/or a trellis along the back end of the potter, so they will get the most sunlight possible. Shorter plants will be in front, taller and bushy plants further back, crazy big plants at the end on trellises, so there's a sunlight-tier system. I haven't quite decided the layout, yet, but I'm drawing a cute little picture of what I think it'll look like--I will try to scan it and add it later at home. Nevermind, actually, I can't draw. I'll try again after work!

The herbs I will have separately, in a 1-foot-by-1-foot planter that I'm going to make out of scrap pieces of the 2x4s used to make the main planter.

There are a few other things besides the large-ticket items of pumpkin and squash that might be a little confuzzling to some people: lavender? Who grows lavender in a vegetable garden?

To be honest, that was another impulse. I want to learn how to use different types of herbs and vegetables for unique dishes. I had never had a turnip before a few weeks ago, but now I love them! I want to see what I can create using lavender as an ingredient, if not the primary flavouring. I know, cookies, cakes, shakes, lemonades, stuff like that, but what about lavender-stuffed pork chops? Berries with a lavender-sugar glaze over ice cream? These dishes sound delicious to me, and I want to eat them!

I also wanted to try radicchio. I have never had it knowingly, but I enjoy various salad greens and stuff, and they look pretty.

The only reason I'm growing radishes is because they're ready to eat in just a few weeks. I'm so impatient, I want immediate results! I will let a few go to seed so I can plant them continuously.

Oh my gods I can't wait to eat this garden.

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One Response to Veggies: I Choose You!

  1. Eat all of the veggies! That is part of why my grandparents got me into gardening so many years ago. I loved going outside and grabbing things to chop up for dinner.



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