Urban Sprawl

I planted two or three each of the germinating lentils, kidney beans, black beans, and navy beans yesterday. I'm starting to worry about certain plants getting enough light. The soybeans and pumkins are like high-rises, blocking the light down the corridors they tower over. The squash are getting to that stature as well, and the kale and turnips are a wall of green, like suburban rowhouses all in a line, identical. The seeds will germinate, I'm almost certain (the lavender still hasn't; my mom told me they're hard to get going), but now I'm starting to get a good picture of what's going to be in my apartment for the coming months: urban sprawl. The sprawl of leafy vines, the broad spread of leaves trying to soak in every last ray of light, the veritable jungle of vegetation. I am excited for it, most definitely. But I worry about the plants blocking other plants' light. I am growing way too much!

This all comes about because I saw the chickpeas coming in, right underneath the shadow of the pumpkins. Chickpeas are so cute and fuzzy!

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