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Oh my gosh, I knew putting this planter box together would be difficult, but after all my planning, I keep running into snags. The latest snag? I didn't calculate properly, so I'm short two 28-inch bottom pieces. I can't have 8 inches of open space on the bottom of my planter! So the four 48-inch 2x4s (which should have been 52 inches, but I miscalculated those, too), are now being used instead of the 28-inch ones, and I'll have a little shelf or something sticking out of the bottom of my planter box. I can use it to... Um... Put a basket on when I harvest, or something. Yeah.

I bought a power drill, so I wouldn't have to hammer on my neighbour's ceiling. But 3-inch screws don't screw in all the way without first drilling a hole. So I bought some 1/8-inch drill bits, and now most of the screws go in properly (I should have gotten 3/16-inch bits, but if you just wiggle things around a bit, you get a large enough hole anyway). Unfortunately, after stripping so many screws, my bits are getting stripped themselves... I only have to do a few more, now that the sides are all together--I just have to attach the bottoms, and I think I've given up on putting two screws in per side per 2x4. I'll stop by the store and pick up yet more supplies tomorrow after going shopping at the farmers' market in Dupont Circle.

In a few days, I'm going to pool all my receipts together and figure out how much money I've spent on this garden... See how economically feasible it is, where I could have saved money, and how much a single eggplant will cost at the end of the season. I saw a book called the "$64 Tomato" at the bookstore the other day. I think my veggies won't be quite so expensive (that would imply I only get to harvest five or six tomatoes!), but even a $2 tomato is pretty pricy!

But back to the planter box. I think it'll stay together just fine--I am going to stand in it after it's all together just to make sure. If it can hold my weight, unevenly distributed, it will sure as heck be able to handle 400 pounds of rock and soil evenly distributed among all the 2x4s.

I hope to finish tomorrow, because I feel less guilty doing construction work during the day on the weekend than I do at night during the week!

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    after adding it all up... each tomoato cost him 64 dollars. but he tried to grow a commercial crop... still. lol

  2. I find it ironic that I managed to run across your blog the same night I am randomly deciding I want to do an indoor vegetable garden. I totally commend your awesomeness on this one (is that really a word? could be...) I totally wish I could do a complete box and grow everthing like you seem to be doing.(Vegetarian here) Question for ya though before I decide to delve into this...are there a lot of bug problems? I am a total bug-phobic person (horribly so actually) and I live in South Dakota- so obviously a bit different from D.C., but whatever you can tell me would be great...sorry I rambled quite a bit here, :-) Danielle (email is daniellelynn34@live.com ) thanks for any help!



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