Trial, Error, And Annoyed Neighbours

I think his name was Ahim, or Ashif... I know it started with an "A" and ended in an "f" or an "m." He lives below me (I live on the top floor of my building). I had placed a few blankets on the floor to be my hammering surface, so it wouldn't be so loud, y'know, or mess up the floor.

After six nails, I got a knock on my door. Well, six successful nails, I should say; I think it was eight, total. He was very nice about it, perfectly nonconfrontational but definitely assertive. He asked if I would be done in an hour. I tried, I really did... But I'm saving attaching the two halves and doing the bottoms for later. I wanted to plant stuff tonight or tomorrow, but I'll wait until the weekend. That's more realistic.

Maybe the fungus gnats will be dead by then!

But to hold me over, here's a photo shoot. It's something of a catch-all photo update, I've had these on my camera for a while, I have just been too busy to get 'em off!

These are the kidney beans, black beans, navy beans, and lentils that I germinated in some water and planted last week. They're all growing quite nicely now!
This is the first batch of granola I home-cooked. It is supremely delicious! Oats, almonds, sunflower seeds, and dried cranberries! Seasoned with some cinnamon and agave nectar, magnifique!

Sweet red bean paste anyone? No? But it's oh-so-yummy!

Sweet red bean paste pancake thing, anyone? No? But it's oh-so-yummy! Even more so than just the sweet red bean paste by itself (the pancake batter I made had some vanilla in it). This batch was delicious; my more recent batch was a little off. I tried making the pancake batter thinner so it would be easier and cook more evenly, but it made it a mess and it didn't fold at all, it just cracked. I'll stick with the thick batter next time.

It snowed on Sunday 22 February. Then it sleeted. Hah, outdoors, my plants are fine! Fine-ish. Well, they're alright.

Well, they weren't completely alright. They were looking a little upset. So I thinned the herd... This is what's left of the kale and turnip. Bottom left you can see my lemon basil, and in the front you can see the navy bean all happy and germinated.

Die, flies, die!!!!!!!!!!!

Muahahahahahaha! Note: That orange bottle is clear without the neem spray. It's pretty concentrated stuff!

Always wear appropriate attire when building a planter box. Don't forget: Your plaid shirt should be short-sleeved, so that although you won't get splinters in your hands because of the heavy-duty gloves, you can get splinters elsewhere on your arms when you pick up a load of wood!

Also make sure you have sufficient supplies: seven 40-pound bags of soil probably won't be enough, but we'll see.

Relocate your supplies after rearranging your furniture and set the pieces up in groups of different lengths.

Don't forget to have your plans and then immediately start ignoring them as you hammer away!

Here's the first lengthwise side, complete!

This is the almost-finished planter box. I have to attach the two halves (they are going to be difficult!) and then hammer together the bottom part (which won't be as hard as sticking the two L-shaped halves together will be). Right now, the planter box is incredibly heavy, and my arm is really tired from hammering. I don't use my arms all that much!

I... I tried. I really did. I gave up.

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  1. There ought to be a health warning with your blog.
    I am laughing so much, it is getting dangerous.
    BTW, feel free to zap my comments when read



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